George Otwell is a hard working man that knows exactly what he wants.  And because of his commitment to his faith and family, he needed a vehicle that could get him and his family to the trails and back home safely no matter how hard the trails were.

He had tried various long travel IFS systems but because he is such a good driver he quickly ran into the short comings of those suspensions.

He came to RockSolidToys for a solution and with very specific goals in mind.  He needed the truck to be able to take him from his home in Nevada to the deserts of California and back home safely while keeping the vehicle as low as possible.

Here is Georges own words as to how we did with his build.

"Some of the  various stages of my rigs journey.  My rig went from stock to long travel to full blown RST Rock Crawler.  As I went from upgrade to upgrade, I was able to match my personal wheeling ability to the truck and terrain.  In the end I was left unable to wheel  the toughest trails out there due to my rigs limitations.  RockSolidToys changed all of that!  I can (and do) drive my rig 4 hours one direction on the freeway to Johnson Valley where I air down and wheel  some of the most  challenging and difficult trails on the West Coast, then air back up and head home without a worry one!  After years of worrying about snapping Cv's, it feels REALLY good to know that RST put all that to rest!"

RockSolidToys can do the same for you.  Give us a call or email us for more information.

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