The RST three link systems have been proven for more than 15 years now as one of the best systems on the market today.

The RST Rear Three Link kit is designed to work with the vehicles stock fuel tank location for vehicles that will be street driven.  No need to place your fuel tank in the precarious position of the bed of your Tacoma or in the cab of your FJ Cruiser or 4Runner.

This kit is designed to allow you to tackle some of the most difficult terrain while still giving you the ability to drive on regular roads.

Our Three Link kits take up very little space in the bed of Tacoma's or in the cabins of 4Runners or FJ Cruiser's when using coilovers and wont intrude into the cabins when using coil springs.

The kits start out as basic brackets and go all the way to the ultimate kit which includes axles, links, joints, frame plating and boxing plates and hardware.

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RST RearThree Link Kit (Call for Availibility)