November 25, 2018

November 6, 2017

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2WD to 4WD Conversion for 2005 to 2015 Tacoma

May 16, 2018

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August 20, 2017

This morning I put up a post about the FJ Cruiser T case going into the 2nd gen Tacoma.  It has gotten a lot of attention but particularly from the 4th gen 4Runner owners.  I've had a number of emails me asking questions about it and what makes it harder than doing the swap into a Tacoma.  So I'm going to tell you.




First off lets discuss the 4th gen 4Runner's T case.  This T case has a locking center differential in the V8 model's and is full time 4wd.  The V6 models have a Mult-Mode T case that has 2wd, all wheel drive, 4wd and 4lo with a center differential.


Both of these t case's are fully electronic and because they are they are very prone to failure.  Dirt and water can get into the rear actuators easily and when it does it plays havoc with your system.  On the V8 T case's they tend to leak from behind the actuator.  It can be fixed but usually does not last long.


Once these transfer case's start to have problems it begins to multiply very quickly.  Soon it's time to decide whether to get a new case, used case or swap it out for something entirely different.  That is where we come in.


RockSolidToys has been the pioneer in T case conversions for the Toyota 120 platform vehicles and will continue to work on bringing you options that the factory should have provided.


We were the first to put an FJ Cruiser T case into the 4th gen 4Runners and to turn a 2wd 4th gen 4Runner into a 4WD 4Runner using all Toyota parts.


This post will show you what it takes to put the FJ Cruiser T case into the V8 4Runner and make it work.


First off you'll need the transfer case from an FJ Cruiser that has the automatic transmission or from the 5th gen 4Runner with the manual shifting transfer case which is the same as the FJ T case.

In the picture below is an FJ Cruiser T case that we have modified to a twin stick T case.  We'll get into that in a bit.


 Once you have your T case you'll also need the complete front differential housing from either a 2005 to 2015 Tacoma or from an FJ Cruiser with the automatic transmission.  You'll want to make sure the gears are the same as what you have in the rear diff and if not you'll want to change one of them.


 Then you'll need to either modify your oil pan on your 2UZ V8 motor or have someone do it for you to clear the front ADD actuator.



 Next you'll need to find a way to actuate that front ADD diff.  RockSolidToys has come up with an ADD switch and Harness to do just that.


 Then finally you'll need to modify your drive shafts as the FJ Case is shorter than the stock 4Runner T case.


Once you have all the pieces you can now start the conversion.


It's best to have a body lift on these 4Runners to do this swap since you'll need to bring the shifters into the cabin.  To do this you'll need to have one shifter go over the other one to get it into the slot next to the transmission selector.  This is where the body lift makes it much easier to do and makes for a cleaner install.  You can bring the shifters up into the front cup holders but then you'll loose those and you'll be putting your extra large drink in your lap while your trying to crawl over those rocks.  No thanks!


Now that you have your twin stick FJ T case installed it's time to do the shifters.  This is very time consuming so don't get discouraged and just realize you'll be in and out of your truck 20 to 30 times getting these things to work right. 


You'll need to cut a good sized hole in your floor but we provided a plate in our kit to cover most of it back up.  It's the easiest way to get the sticks in.