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Since we don't have the forum up right now we are going to post builds here in this blog section of the website. We will have a separate post for each build but for now what we'd like to do is introduce you to the projects we have going on right now. We'll update each build as we go along, sometimes on a daily bases but at least once a week so stay tuned to it as we move along.

First we have this 3rd gen 4Runner that is sitting on 40" tires and will go the 42" tires. It was brought to us in it's current state as the owner lost his area to work on it and wanted us to finish it. We'll go through it all to insure it's done correctly and that the owner is happy with the finished product.

It has a Dana 60 front axle and a 14 bolt rear axle that will get shaved for clearance. It'll be slowed down with a Marlin Crawler Ultimate Taco Box with 4.7 to 1 gearing and an RST twin stick T case. It has a three link front and rear suspension right now but it'll be converted to an RST three link front and rear.

This one will be fun to watch. It'll be moved over to the shop shortly so we can start on it.

Next, is this FJ Cruiser.

It was brought to us to finish as well. It has a three link kit on it now that will get changed in the front for better clearance and handling along with some RST rear lower links, Hydro assist steering and we'll install the owner supplied sliders. In the next phase of this truck it'll get an Atlas T case to with 4.3 to 1 gears.

This will be a very good setup for wheeling an FJ Cruiser. Tire size will be 37" which is perfect for an FJ Cruiser's wheel base.

Follow along as we add this to the weekly build posts this week.

Then last but not least is "Great White".

This Tacoma is going to be just an awesome truck. It'll be sitting on 40" Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires wrapped around ATX wheels. Those will be bolted to a Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 8 lug front axle and a Dynatrac Pro Rock 80 8 lug full float rear axle.

There is going to be a ton of other goodies in this truck that will make it not only an awesome rock crawler but also one bad ass expeditionary vehicle as well.

Want to have your cake and eat it too. This one is Supercharged.

So follow along as we build these three rigs.

Thanks for checking in with us.

If you have questions about any of these or future projects please contact us at or call us at 714-460-3491 Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm PST

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