T Case Worm Gear Install

So you've got that awesome new 1 ton axle in the rear of your Tacoma and you contacted us to get the speed sensor fix since you lost your speedo when you swapped in that new rear axle. AWESOME!

So you went to the rear of your t case and pulled the cover off eager to iinstall your speed sensor only to find this. NO WORM GEAR! What the......... ?????

Yep folks, in some of the Tacoma Case's and even the some of the later version FJ Case's the worm gear has been replaced with a simple spacer. So now what do you do?

Give us a call or email us and we'll get you the parts required or you can search around for them yourself. Then just follow the instructions below to get it installed.

First you'll need to pull your rear driveshaft if the t case is in your truck. Once you've done that you'll need to pull the rear drive flange. You'll need a 30mm socket and a powerful impact wrench to get the nut off. Once that is off you'll need to pull the rear cover off.

There are 5 12mm bolts you'll need to take off to get the rear cover off.

Once that cover is off you should see something like this. Here you'll pull the blank spacer off and get ready for your new worm gear kit.

Here is what you'll get in your kit. You'll need everything here or it won't work. There is the worm gear, two brass spacers and a small ball bearing (not pictured).

First, make sure everything is cleaned. Then it's time to install your parts.

On the output shaft towards the bottom of it there is a small indentation in it. This is where your ball bearing will go. Without this bearing your worm gear will not spin with the output shaft and you'll have no reading on your speedo.

Put a small amount of grease on the ball bearing to hold it in the hole while you put the gear on.

The worm gear can only go on one way. There is a small indentation on it as well that will go over the bearing. Slide the gear down over this ball bearing making sure it is flush against the output bearing. If it isn't flush against the output shaft bearing, spin it until it is.

Then put the two brass spacers onto the worm gear.

If you have installed it correctly it should look like this.

Now it's time to put the rear cover back on. Make sure to clean the old gasket sealant from the mating surfaces and then apply new sealant. We use Ultra Grey. Then snug down the 5 12mm bolts that hold the rear cover on. Don't over tighten these. I go about 18 ft lbs. Then install the rear flange and tighten it back to the marks on the nut or 65 ft lbs. Bolt your drive shaft back up making sure you use lock tight on the bolts, install your speed sensor and your good to go.

Thank you for following us and if you should have any questions about this or you need the worm gear, please contact us at info@rocksolidtoys.com or give us a call at 714-460-3491 Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:pm PST.

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