Swapping inputs on the FJ Cruiser T case

Many of you Tacoma wheelers out there still want to shift your Tacoma on your own. Cool. But you also want to shift the t case on your own as well. Toyota, in all their infinite wisdom thought hey, why don't we put a manual transmission in this thing and let the folks shift it on their own but give it an electronic transfer case.

Well, as many of you have found out that six speed transmission is not all it's cracked up to be and the transfer case is even worse. The actuator gets dirty or wet and stops working and then you try to fix it and that just leads to a jammed shift rod inside the case and now your stuck in either 4wd or worse yet, your stuck in 2wd and your in the middle of no where staring at an obstacle that requires 4lo. Thanks Toyota!

But we do have a solution for you. The FJ Cruiser T case from the automatic transmission FJ. It's a manual shifting transfer case so no electronics to worry about and it's strong as hell. I've never seen one fail.

For the swap of the FJ Cruiser transfer case into your Tacoma follow this link. FJ Cruiser t case into Tacoma

In this post we are just showing you what you'll need to do to your new FJ case to put it behind your six speed transmission. If you need to see about the swap itself follow the link above.

No I know some of you will say, hey, the FJ Cruiser came with a six speed transmission too. I'll just use that one. We'll, it's not that easy. You see, the six speed FJ Cruiser is a full time 4wd system. The T case in that FJ does not have 2wd. Plus it's longer than your T case because it has a locking center differential in it. Not a good choice.

Your going to want the t case from the auto transmission FJ Cruiser and swap out the planetary gear sets.

Or like some people doing the 2wd to 4wd conversion, you can get the input shaft from Toyota along with the front cover and seals and just swap those into your FJ Case as well.

So lets see what you'll need to do.

First lets look at the two inputs because that is where all the work will be done. The one on the left with the larger splines is the input from a six speed Tacoma. Notice how much larger the input is and also the difference in the front covers. The one on the right is from the automatic Tacoma and it has the coupler pulled off of the splines already.

When you swap these planetary gearsets from one t case to the other you'll need to also swap the covers as well.

So lets pull this puppy out. First you'll need to open the case.

One of the most important things to do is make sure your in 2wd in this case. If your in 4wd or 4lo and you pull this case apart there are three little keys that will fall out from the synchro gear and you'll wish you'd never seen them. If you see one or all three of these keys fall out when you pull your case apart you'll need to put them back in. We'll cover that later. Just make sure you have that case in 2wd when you pull it apart.

So first you'll need to pull the front output flange off. It has a 30mm nut that you'll want to use a heavy impact on to get it off. Take it off and you can go to the next step.

After you have the front flange off, spin the case around and take off the twelve 12mm bolts that are holding the two halves of the case together. You'll need something like a scraper to split the case.

Pull it apart and it should look like this. One half has the shift rods, shift forks and chain in it the other side has the oil pick up, (this one has been pulled out already) oil pump and planetary gear set in it.

You'll need a 10mm socket to get the three bolts holding the oil pick up off, then take out the three 10mm bolts holding the oil pump in.

Once the oil pump and pick up are out you can go to the snap ring holding the gear set in. We use two medium screw drivers to pry up one end of the clip and then just work our way around. The planetary gearset wont come out yet though.

At this point you'll need to flip the case half over and take the cover off by removing the five 12mm bolts holding it on. Then just gently pry the cover off exposing the snap ring holding the gearset in. I have a set of snap ring pliers that help to open these snap rings.

Once the snap ring is open we use a small screw driver to take it off. Be carefull when doing this. You'll need to hold the gearset as you do this other wise it could just fall out when you pull the snap ring out.

Now that the planetary is out you can now do the same thing to the other case so you can swap the gearsets out.

But there is also one other important step you'll need to take or your new fj case wont shift properly.

On the back of the gearsets there is a ring that must be swapped out. If you look at the ring on the right of the picture, that is the gearset from the six speed Tacoma. That ring has an indentation before it gets to the inner gear teeth. The ring on the left is the gearset from the automatic trans FJ Cruiser and it's ring if flush with the inner gear teeth. That ring is the ring you'll want to swap. Put the flush ring from the FJ Cruiser t case onto the gearset from the six speed Tacoma gearset. Then you can assemble the case back together again.

Once you've put the case all back together again it should look like this. This a an FJ Cruiser t case from an automatic FJ Cruiser with the six speed Tacoma input shaft and cover in it ready to go into a 2008 Tacoma double cab with the six speed transmission.

Video of the completed case below. This was the worlds first true part time 4wd FJ Cruiser t case for the Toyota Tacoma.

Thats it folks. Your done.

If you have any questions please contact us at info@rocksolidtoys.com or call us at 714-460-3491 Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:pm PST.

Happy wheeling.

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