The Great White "Carcharodon"... 2013 Tacoma Solid Axle Swap part 3

Last week we got the front axle set under the Tacoma and we were going to setup the coilovers and steering but we changed how we are going to do the steering shaft and firewall which needed another part we didn't have yet.

Instead of waiting around for that part we jumped back to the rear axle instead.

In this build we are using the renowned Dynatrac ProRock 80. Probably the best axle in it's class.

The Dyntrac ProRock 80 is massive but still has great ground clearance for an axle with an 11.25" ring gear, a massive 2" shaft pinion and 13.75" rear brake rotors. The axle tubes are 4" in diameter and can be had with 1/2" thick walls.

We had to change all the brackets we had for the rear axle because of the size of it.

Some other cool features of this axle include an oiling port at the top of the pinion that allows you to oil the pinion area separately to insure there is oil up there no matter what angle your sitting at.

And second they put the ARB air line inlet horizontal instead of vertical and to the rear of the diff instead of near the front. This helps to keep it from spinning parts.

First we tacked on the lower link brackets to the axle and slid it under the truck. Once we got it lined up and where we wanted it we measured from the frame link mounts to the link mounts on the axle to see how long our lower links were going to be. Once we had that we then cut the lower links from 2" 1/4" wall DOM tubing and welded in the tube adapters.

We used one left hand threaded insert and one right hand threaded insert on each link so you can adjust them right on the truck. Once you have it all dialed in you add a little lock-tite to the jam nut and tighten it up. But first we had to get the links on to make sure everything was good.

Now that everything looks good we can weld up the brackets to the axle. You'll notice in this picture that we have boxed in a portion of the rear frame. We will box in the frame entirely to make this a much stronger platform to build off of and the link mounts on the frame will get some gussets for added strength as well.

Here are the welds on the upper link mount on the mini axle truss. We welded both inside and out on the mount and will put some gussets on it as well as this mount will see a ton of stress. Here you can see the weld in washers we use on all of our builds to give the suspension bolts a larger shoulder to sit on to help prevent creating oblong holes in your brackets.

Next week we'll finish up the rear section and get the axle all painted up and ready for the coilovers.

If you have any questions about this build or any others please contact us at or give us a call at 714-460-3491 Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

#Dynatrac #solidaxleswap #ProRock80 #Tacoma

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