1999 4Runner Solid Axle Swap part 1

RockSolidToys is known for it's work on the later model vehicle's, but we're also just as capable of building the earlier models as well.

This 1999 Toyota 4Runner came to us with a swap done already. The owner was doing some of the work himself with a friend and just ran out of time with the area he was building it at. He gave us a call and asked if we could not only finish it but build it Rock Solid strong as well. We told him yes. We would be honored to build it for him.

He needed to move it quickly and we didn't have room at the shop at the time so we brought it to the house. Another "Driveway Dream" being built.

The third gen 4Runner is becoming one of the best platforms to do a solid axle swap on and to build an awesome trail rig. It's a perfect size vehicle to build upon and has been super reliable with it's engine and transmission choices. It is one of my favorites vehicles around.

This one came to us with a ton of changes already. A rear 14 bolt full float axle, a high pinion dana 60 front axle, 14" Fox coil overs with remote resi's among other stuff.

What are we going to do?

Well, to start, we're going send the rear 14 bolt over to our good friends at Lost Industries where they will shave the bottom of it and add an ARB Air Locker to it. When we get it back we'll grind down all the welds on it and re-weld it all.

Then we'll remove some of the current brackets and cross members and install our RST front and rear three link setup. We'll try to use as many brackets that are already there to save money if it makes sense. But the first priority is to make it all Rock Solid and if we can do that with existing brackets and such we will.

We started by pulling of the tires and then all the links and shocks so we could pull this beast from under the 4Runner.

Once we pulled it out from under the Runner we looked it over and realized that we wanted to make this build as clean as possible and the first order would probably be to get rid of that huge truss if we can. The 4Runner will be riding on 42" tires and it may require a large truss but we'll see.

All of the suspension brackets and tabs will get our RST signature weld in washer inserts into all of the bolt holes to help insure that those won't wallow out in the future. then all the brackets will get the once over to make sure they are strong enough for an RST build.

We will be making some nice box's that will go over the shock towers that come into the rear section of the cab so that weather, dirt and grime won't get in the truck from that area along with exhaust fumes.

Here is a short video that shows what else we'll be doing with this 4Runner to make it not only trail worthy but road worthy as well.

Stay tuned for more on this 4Runner as we turn it into a worthy trail rig.

For more information on a swap like this or our other services please email us at info@rocksolidtoys.com or give us a call at 714-460-3491 M - F 9am to 5pm PST

You can also ask questions or add your comments in the section below if you'd like.

Thank you for spending your time with us.

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