Mottino Wash Run

Last weekend my wife and I loaded up The Beast on the trailer and headed for the desert to meet up with some RST customers and good friends. It was an absolutely beautiful day for a run in the desert. One of our good friends, Natalie Otwell had just gotten her 2nd gen Tacoma back from being build by Otwell Welding and Fabrication and she wanted to take it out to see how it would run on Big Bears toughest trail.

How did it do? She nailed it! Truck performed flawlessly.

My wife wanted to drive the Beast and I decided to just let her drive the entire trail. She did an awesome job out there taking the Beast through all the hero lines and running smoother than a lot of the guys I see wheeling out there.

Ray showed up with his RST Beast as well as Dan with his 1st gen solid axle swapped Tacoma. George Otwell had his two sons out there, one driving his own IFS 3rd gen 4Runner and the youngest son driving Georges RST built CrawlerBrawler 1st gen Tacoma. Roy made it out with his Jeep JK Rubicon as well.

Ray and his RST built 2nd gen Tacoma.

Dan in his 1st gen Tacoma solid axle swap.

Brittan Otwell and his 3rd gen 4Runner IFS. This thing is clean.

George Otwell giving his youngest son, Jordan Otwell some pointers while he pilots Georges RST built CrawlerBrawler.

Roy Ricklii in his Jeep Rubicon.

It was a fantastic day with no drama and just loads of fun.

We want to thank Robert Otwell of Otwell Welding and Fabrication for allowing us to use his shop as a staging area. That was very awesome of him.

Here is a short video of the run.

Thank again folks and see you on the trails.

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