2WD to 4WD Conversion for 2005 to 2015 Tacoma

So you've spent a fortune on your prerunner Tacoma doing the normal wheel and tire upgrades, putting on bumpers front and rear and extra goodies costing thousands of dollars but when you go out with your buddies your left sitting at the staging area because you can't make it up that trail.

You've looked at trading your truck in and getting a 4wd version of your truck, however your painfully reminded that all those extra's you've put on may not be wanted by the next prospective buyer and they won't give you anywhere near what you have spent for all your upgrades to your truck. What do you do now?

Convert it to a true 4wd!

RockSolidToys has been the pioneer in converting the newer Tacoma's, 4Runners and FJ cruisers from 2wd to 4wd. Now you no longer have to sit back in the copilot seat with your friend while your truck sits at the staging area.

So what does it take to change your 2wd Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner or FJ Cruiser to a 4wd version without having to spend all that money for a solid axle swap?

First, you'll need a 4wd transmission which has the rear adapter to mate a transfer case to it. Some people have used an extension housing to convert their 2wd tranny to 4wd but I'm not a big fan. Doesn't mean it wouldn't work though. When we do this swap we do it by replacing the transmission. That way we can now warranty the work and the product.

The transfercase we use in these newer trucks is the FJ Cruiser transfer case. It bolts right up to the rear of the A750F transmission and is a fully manual t case so there is no need to try and integrate a computer to make the system work. Not to mention it's just a better transfer case than the electronic transfer case found in the Tacoma. and 4Runner.

Installing the new T case onto the transmission is pretty straight forward. It just bolts right up.

The fun part comes when you have to cut a hole in the floor and get the shifter to come up into the cabin. When we do the Tacoma's with the automatic transmission we bring the shifter up in the narrow coin slot next to the transmission selector. It makes for a very clean setup once it's done.

With the six speed Tacoma's we bring the shifter up right next to the transmission shifter and make it all look factory.

Once that's all done we then focus our attention to the transmission cross member. The old cross member will no longer work and the cross member from the 4wd wont work either because the frame is not the same between the pre-runner and the 4wd Tacoma's. The picture below is one of our cross members before we strengthened it with gussets.

Next it's onto the front drive components. This can be tricky because when you get the front diff from another vehicle your taking your chances with whether or not the seller is telling you the truth on the gearing in that front diff. I have had them tell me they were 4.56 gears, only to find out they were actually 4.88's. That is why we take them apart to check them first and then either change the gears or put them back together with new seals and such.

Once you've wrestled that front diff into place you can now install the front CV axles along with all the 4wd front hubs, seals and appropriate dust covers. I say appropriate because there are about six different ones to choose from. Getting the correct one can be fun if your parts guy isn't up on his game.

Now that the front is completed you can install your RST ADD harness so you can activate your front diff before putting your t case into 4wd.

From here it's now just a couple of custom drive shafts and some exhaust work to be completed and your good to go hit those trails with your buddies and be a participant instead of a spectator.

Manny Pena out enjoying the freedom his RST conversion 4wd Tacoma now affords him. No longer is he relegated to the parking lots and staging area's.

For more information please contact us at info@rocksolidtoys.com or give us a call at 714-460-3491.

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