Since it's inception, RockSolidToys has been building solid axle swapped vehicles for customers that are second to none.

With the success of these vehicles people have started asking for kits of this same design and we now have them.

Our kits are based off of the design of the Beast.  A 2nd gen Tacoma sitting on 41" tires that has 64,000 miles on the Solid axle swap.  It's been daily driven continuously for 2 1/2 years and has seen some of the most challenging trails around from California to Texas.  And it's still going strong.

Because of the vast number and different options of axles, coilovers, and vehicles out there we don't have a "one size fits all kit".  That just doesn't exist.  We do however, have the ability to tailor our kit to your needs.  You tell us what type of vehicle you have, the size tires you plan to run and whether or not this will be your daily driver and we can put a kit together for you that will meet those needs.

Our front and rear Three Link kits are some of the most proven and complete on the market today and each day we strive to make them better.

The RST Three link kits can come as simple as just bracket kits or all the way to providing you with all the brackets, frame plates and frame boxing plates, links, Joints,  coilovers/shocks/springs, axle's, hydroassist steering, all the hardware, locker systems whether air or electric, steering shafts and drive shafts.  Everything you need to get your rig ready for some real wheeling. 

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