The Beast started off as a brand new 2005 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 sport.  It was first built by myself and Jason DeMello at DeMello Offroad.  It has since gone through some transformations into what it is today.  One of the most recognizable Solid Axle Swapped Toyota's in existence.  And, one of the most capable.

Many of the items and innovations that are found on some of the newer SASED trucks today were first built or created for the Beast.  It was and still is a one of a kind truck.

When Jason and myself started out building this truck we had some lofty goals.  It needed to be able to tackle some of the most challenging trails around yet still be able to travel across country without issue.

The Beast more than surpassed those goals. 

Today it is one of the few trucks that all others are judged against and our goal is to continue to upgrade it to keep it at the top.