2005 Tacoma with Marlin Crawler box and RST twin stick t case.
Marlin Crawler box and RST FJ twin stick T case.
RockSolidToys twiin stick case into 4th gen 4Runner

RockSolidToys has been an innovator in Transfer Case and Crawler box installations in late model Toyota 4WD vehicles.

We were the first to put manual transfer case's into 2nd gen Tacoma's and Pioneered the transformation of the all wheel drive 4Runners into true part time 4WD vehicles, getting rid of the troublesome electronic case's and putting in part time 4WD front differentials.

Also, if your looking for super low gears in your 4th gen 4Runner, Fj Cruiser or GX470 and you don't want to mess with that fuel tank issue we can install a 4 speed Atlas t case for you as well.

We will continue to expand the base of vehicles we convert to a vehicle the factories should have built right at the start.

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RockSolidToys twin stick FJ t case
Rocksolidtoys installed Marlin Crawler box into six speed Tacoma